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Constructors for abstract values of level 1

Function: ap_abstract1_t ap_abstract1_bottom (ap_manager_t* man, ap_environment_t* env)
Function: ap_abstract1_t ap_abstract1_top (ap_manager_t* man, ap_environment_t* env)
Create resp. a bottom (empty) value and a top (universe) value defined on the environment env.

Function: ap_abstract1_t ap_abstract1_of_box (ap_manager_t* man, ap_environment_t* env, ap_var_t* tvar, ap_interval_t** tinterval, size_t size)
Abstract an hypercube defined by the arrays tvar and tintnerval of size size.

If no inclusion is specified for a variable in the environment, its value is no constrained in the resulting abstract value.

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