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Operations on tree expressions of level 1

Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_substitute (ap_texpr1_t* e, ap_var_t var, ap_texpr1_t* dst)
Substitute every occurence of variable var with a copy of dst. Return NULL in case of incorrect argument (w.r.t. var and/or environment compatibility).

Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_extend_environment (ap_texpr1_t* e, ap_environment_t* nenv)
Change current environment with a super-environment. Return NULL if nenv is not a superenvironment of e->env.

Function: bool ap_texpr1_substitute_with (ap_texpr1_t* e, ap_var_t var, ap_texpr1_t* dst)
Function: bool ap_texpr1_extend_environment_with (ap_texpr1_t* e, ap_environment_t* nenv)
Side-effect versions of the previous functions. Return true instead of NULL in case of problem.

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