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Constructors/Destructors for tree expressions of level 1

Parameters of constructors are not memory-managed by the constructed expression, with the important exception of expressions parameters (type ap_texpr1.h) are, which means that they should not be freed afterwards.

Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_cst (ap_environment_t* env, ap_coeff_t* coeff)
Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_cst_scalar (ap_environment_t* env, ap_scalar_t* scalar)
Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_cst_scalar_mpq (ap_environment_t* env, mpq_t mpq)
Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_cst_scalar_int (ap_environment_t* env, long int num)
Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_cst_scalar_frac (ap_environment_t* env, long int num, unsigned long int den)
Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_cst_scalar_double (ap_environment_t* env, double num)
Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_cst_interval (ap_environment_t* env, ap_interval_t* itv)
Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_cst_interval_scalar (ap_environment_t* env, ap_scalar_t* inf, ap_scalar_t* sup)
Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_cst_interval_mpq (ap_environment_t* env, mpq_t inf, mpq_t sup)
Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_cst_interval_int (ap_environment_t* env, long int inf, long int sup)
Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_cst_interval_frac (ap_environment_t* env, long int numinf, unsigned long int deninf, long int numsup, unsigned long int densup)
Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_cst_interval_double (ap_environment_t* env, double inf, double sup)
Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_cst_top (ap_environment_t* env)
Create a constant expression, on the environment env.

Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_var (ap_environment_t* env, ap_var_t var)
Create a variable expression. Return NULL in the case var is unknown in env.

Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_unop (ap_texpr_op_t op, ap_texpr1_t* opA, ap_texpr_rtype_t type, ap_texpr_rdir_t dir)
Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_binop (ap_texpr_op_t op, ap_texpr1_t* opA, ap_texpr1_t* opB, ap_texpr_rtype_t type, ap_texpr_rdir_t dir)
Create an expression from an operator and expression operand(s). Be aware that opA and opB are memroy-managed by the result upon return.

Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_copy (ap_texpr1_t* expr)
(Deep) copy of a tree expression.

Function: ap_texpr1_t* ap_texpr1_from_linexpr1 (ap_linexpr1_t* linexpr)
Creation from a linear expression.

Function: void ap_texpr1_free (ap_texpr1_t* expr)
Free (recursively) a tree expression.

Function: void ap_texpr1_fprint (FILE* stream, ap_texpr1_t* e)
Function: void ap_texpr1_print (ap_texpr1_t* e)
Print the expression

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