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Arrays of generators of level 1

Function: ap_generator1_array_t ap_generator1_array_make (ap_environment_t* env, size_t size)
Allocate an array of generators of size size, defined on the environment env.

The generators are initialized with NULL pointers for underlying expressions.

Function: void ap_generator1_array_clear (ap_generator1_array_t* array)
Clear the generators of the array, and then the array itself.

Function: void ap_generator1_array_fprint (FILE* stream, ap_generator1_array_t* array)
Print the array on the stream.

Function: size_t ap_generator1_array_size (ap_generator1_array_t* array)
Return the size of the array.

Function: ap_environment_t* ap_generator1_array_envref (ap_generator1_array_t* array)
Get a reference to the environment. Do not free it.

Function: ap_generator1_t ap_generator1_array_get (ap_generator1_array_t* array, size_t index)
Return the linear generator of the given index Nothing is duplicated, and the result should never be cleared. Modifying the argument or the result is equivalent, except for change of environments

Function: bool ap_generator1_array_set (ap_generator1_array_t* array, size_t index, ap_generator1_t* gen)
Fill the index of the array with the generator. Assumes array->env==gen->env. Nothing is duplicated. The argument should never be cleared. (its environment is dereferenced). If a generator was already stored, it is first cleared. Return true iff problem (index or array->env!=gen->env)

Function: void ap_generator1_array_clear_index (ap_generator1_array_t* array, size_t index)
Clear the generator at index index.

Function: bool ap_generator1_array_extend_environment_with (ap_generator1_array_t* array, ap_environment_t* nenv)
Function: bool ap_generator1_array_extend_environment (ap_generator1_array_t* narray, ap_generator1_array_t* array, ap_environment_t* nenv)
Identical to corresponding ap_linexpr1_XXX functions (see section Change of dimensions and permutations of linear expressions of level 1).

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