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Getting values

Function: void ap_linexpr0_get_cst (ap_coefft* coeff, ap_linexpr0_t* e)
Assign to coeff the constant coefficient of e.

Function: bool ap_linexpr0_get_coeff (ap_coefft* coeff, ap_linexpr0_t* e, ap_dim_t dim)
Assign to coeff the coefficient of dimension dim in the expression e.

Return true in case ap_linexpr0_coeffref(e,dim) returns NULL.

Macro: ap_linexpr0_ForeachLinterm (ap_linexpr0_t* e, size_t i, ap_dim_t dim, ap_coeff_t* coeff)
Iterator on the coefficients associated to dimensions.

ap_linexpr0_ForeachLinterm(E,I,DIM,COEFF){ body } executes the body for each pair (coeff,dim) in the expression e. coeff is a reference to the coefficient associated to dimension dim in e. i is an auxiliary variable used internally by the macro.

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