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Allocating linear expressions of level 1

Function: ap_linexpr1_t ap_linexpr1_make (ap_environment_t* env, ap_linexpr_discr_t lin_discr, size_t size)
Build a linear expressions on the environment env, with by default coefficients of type SCALAR and DOUBLE.

If lin_discr selects a dense representation, the size of the expression is the size of the environment. Otherwise, the initial size is given by size and the expression may be resized lazily.

Function: void ap_linexpr1_minimize (ap_linexpr1_t* expr)
Reduce the coefficients (transform intervals into scalars when possible). In case of sparse representation, also remove zero coefficients.

Function: ap_linexpr1_t ap_linexpr1_copy (ap_linexpr1_t* expr)

Function: void ap_linexpr1_clear (ap_linexpr1_t expr)
Clear the linear expression.

Function: void ap_linexpr1_fprint (FILE* stream, ap_linexpr1_t* expr)
Print the linear expression on stream stream.

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