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Assigning coefficients

Function: void ap_coeff_set (ap_coeff_t* rop, ap_coeff_t* op)
Set the value of rop from op.

Function: void ap_coeff_set_scalar (ap_coeff_t* rop, ap_scalar_t* op)
Function: void ap_coeff_set_scalar_mpq (ap_coeff_t* rop, mpq_t mpq)
Function: void ap_coeff_set_scalar_int (ap_coeff_t* rop, long int i)
Function: void ap_coeff_set_scalar_frac (ap_coeff_t* rop, long int i, unsigned long int j)
Function: void ap_coeff_set_scalar_double (ap_coeff_t* rop, double k)
Set the type of rop to scalar, and sets its value as the functions ap_scalar_set_XXX.

Function: void ap_coeff_set_interval (ap_coeff_t* rop, ap_interval_t* op)
Function: void ap_coeff_set_interval_scalar (ap_coeff_t* rop, ap_scalar_t* inf, ap_scalar_t* sup)
Function: void ap_coeff_set_interval_mpq (ap_coeff_t* rop, mpq_t inf, mpq_t sup)
Function: void ap_coeff_set_interval_int (ap_coeff_t* rop, int inf, int sup)
Function: void ap_coeff_set_interval_frac (ap_coeff_t* rop, int numinf, int deninf, int numsup, int densup)
Function: void ap_coeff_set_interval_double (ap_coeff_t* rop, double inf, double sup)
Set the type of rop to interval, and sets its value as the functions ap_interval_set_XXX.

Function: ap_coeff_t* ap_coeff_alloc_set (ap_coeff_t* op)

Function: ap_coeff_t* ap_coeff_alloc_set_scalar (ap_scalar_t* scalar)
Function: ap_coeff_t* ap_coeff_alloc_set_interval (ap_interval_t* interval)
Combined allocation and assignement.

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