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Initializing coefficients

Function: void ap_coeff_alloc (ap_coeff_discr_t discr)
Allocate a coefficient, using discr to specify the type of coefficient (scalar or interval).

Function: void ap_coeff_free (ap_coeff_t* op)
Deallocate a coefficient.

Function: void ap_coeff_reinit (ap_coeff_t* op, ap_coeff_discr_t discr1, ap_scalar_discr_t discr2)
Changing the type of the coefficient and also the type of the underlting scalar(s).

Function: void ap_coeff_reduce (ap_coeff_t* op)
If the coefficient is an interval [a;a], convert it to a scalar. */

Function: void ap_coeff_init (ap_coeff_t* rop, ap_coeff_discr_t discr)
Function: void ap_coeff_init_set (ap_coeff_t* rop, ap_coeff_t* op)
Function: void ap_coeff_clear (ap_coeff_t* rop)
Initialize, initialize and assign, and clear a scalar \`a la GMP (internal use).

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