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Use of pkgrid

To use PKGRID in C, add
#include "ap_pkgrid.h"
in your source file(s) and add `-I$(APRON_PREFIX)/include' in the command line in your Makefile.

You should also link your object files with the PKGRID library to produce an executable, by adding something like `-L$(APRON_PREFIX)/lib -lap_pkgrid' in the command line in your Makefile, followed by the flags and libraries needed for the NewPolka library (see section Use of NewPolka) and the PPL library (see section Use of APRON PPL). Be cautious: because of the use of the PPL library, you `g++' (C++ compiler) instead of `gcc' (C compiler) for the linking.

Also, the library is available in debug mode (`libap_pkgrid_debug.a', `libap_pkgrid_debug.so').

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