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To use APRON PPL in C, you need of course to install PPL, after having patched it following the recommendations of the `README' file. You need also to add
#include "apron_ppl.h"
in your source file(s) and add `-I$(APRON_PREFIX)/include' in the command line in your Makefile.

You should also link your object files with the APRON PPL library to produce an executable, using `g++' (instead of `gcc', because `libppl.a' is a C++ library), and adding something like `-L$(APRON_PREFIX)/lib -lapron_ppl -L$(PPL_PREFIX)/lib -lppl -L$(GMP_PREFIX)/lib -lgmpxx' in the command line in your Makefile (followed by the standard `-lapron -litvmpq -litvdbl -L$(MPFR_PREFIX)/lib -lmpfr -L$(GMP_PREFIX)/lib -lgmp'). The `libgmpxx.a' library is the C++ wrapper on top of the GMP library. Ensure that your GMP installation contains it, as it is not always installed by default.

All scalars of type double are converted to scalars of type mpq_t inside APRON PPL, as APRON PPL works internally with exact rational arithmetics. So when possible it is better for the user (in term of efficiency) to convert already double scalars to mpq_t scalars.

The wrapper library is available in debug mode (`libapron_ppl_debug.a').

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