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Allocating NewPolka managers and setting specific options

datatype: pk_internal_t
NewPolka type for internal managers (specific to NewPolka, and specific to each execution thread in multithreaded programs).

Allocating managers

Function: ap_manager_t* pk_manager_alloc (bool strict)
Allocate an APRON manager for convex polyhedra, linked to the NewPolka library.

The strict option, when true, enables strict constraints in polyhedra (like x>0). Managers in strict mode or in loose mode (strict constraints disabled) are not compatible, and so are corresponding abstract values.

Function: ap_manager_t* pkeq_manager_alloc ()
Allocate an APRON manager for linear equalities, linked to the NewPolka library.

Most options which makes sense for convex polyhedra are meaningless for linear equalities. It is better to set the standard options associated to functions so that abstract values are in canonical form (see section NewPolka standard options). This is the default anyway.

Setting options

Options specific to NEWPOLKA are set directly on the internal manager. It can be extracted with the pk_manager_get_internal function.

Function: pk_internal_t* pk_manager_get_internal (ap_manager_t* man)
Return the internal submanager. If man has not been created by pk_manager_alloc or pkeq_manager_alloc, return NULL.

Function: void pk_set_max_coeff_size (pk_internal_t* pk, size_t size)
If size is not 0, try to raise an AP_EXC_OVERFLOW exception as soon as the size of an integer exceed size.

Very incomplete implementation. Currently, used only in `libpolkag' variant, where the size is the number of limbs as returned by the function mpz_size of the GMP library. This allows to detect huge numbers.

Function: void pk_set_approximate_max_coeff_size (pk_internal_t* pk, size_t size)
This is the parameter to the poly_approximate/ap_abstractX_approximate functions.

Function: size_t pk_get_max_coeff_size (pk_internal_t* pk)
Function: size_t pk_get_approximate_max_coeff_size (pk_internal_t* pk)
Reading the previous parameters.

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