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OCaml Programming Guidelines

All modules belonging to the APRON interface itself (Scalar, Interval, ..., Manager, Linexpr0, ... Abstract1) are included in a big encapsulating module named Apron. In addition, there are modules like Box (intervals), Oct (octagons), Polka (linear equalities and convex polyhedra) and Ppl (convex polyhedra and linear congruences) not included in Apron.

Generic abstract values have the type 'a Abstract1.t, generic managers the type 'a Manager.t. A typical operation like the emptiness test has the type val is_bottom : 'a Manager.t -> 'a Abstract1.t -> bool.

Octagons of OCTAGON have the type Oct.t Apron.Abstract1.t. The corresponding managers have thus the type Oct.t Manager.t.

See OCaml interface for the documentation.

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