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Extraction of properties of abstract values of level 0

Function: ap_interval_t* ap_abstract0_bound_dimension (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a, ap_dim_t dim)
Return the interval taken by the dimension dim over the abstract valuea

Function: ap_interval_t* ap_abstract0_bound_linexpr (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a, ap_linexpr0_t* expr)
Function: ap_interval_t* ap_abstract0_bound_texpr (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a, ap_texpr0_t* expr)
Return the interval taken by a linear expression expr over the abstract value a.

This function allows to solve a Linear Programming (LP) problem, but depending on the underlying domain the solution may be not optimal.

Function: ap_interval_t** ap_abstract0_to_box (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a)
Convert a to an interval/hypercube. The size of the resulting array is ap_abstract0_dimension(man,a).

Function: ap_lincons0_array_t ap_abstract0_to_lincons_array (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a)
Function: ap_tcons0_array_t ap_abstract0_to_tcons_array (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a)
Convert a to a conjunction of constraints.

The constraints are normally guaranteed to be scalar (without intervals)

Function: ap_generator0_array_t ap_abstract0_to_generator_array (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a)
Convert a to an array of generators.

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