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Tests on abstract values of level 0

In abstract tests,

Function: bool ap_abstract0_is_bottom (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a)
Function: bool ap_abstract0_is_top (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a)
Emtpiness and universality tests.

Function: bool ap_abstract0_is_leq (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a1, ap_abstract0_t* a2)
Function: bool ap_abstract0_is_eq (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a1, ap_abstract0_t* a2)
Inclusion and equality tests.

Function: bool ap_abstract0_sat_interval (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a, ap_dim_t dim, ap_interval_t* interval)
Is the dimension dim included in the interval interval in the abstract value a ?

Function: bool ap_abstract0_sat_lincons (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a, ap_lincons0_t* cons)
Function: bool ap_abstract0_sat_tcons (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a, ap_tcons0_t* cons)
Does the abstract value a satisfy the constraint cons ?

Function: bool ap_abstract0_is_dimension_unconstrained (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a, ap_dim_t dim)
Is the dimension dim unconstrained in the abstract value a ? If it is the case, we have forget(man,a,dim) == a.

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