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Control of internal representation of level 0

Function: void ap_abstract0_minimize (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a)
Minimize the size of the representation of a. This may result in a later recomputation of internal information.

Function: void ap_abstract0_canonicalize (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a)
Put a in canonical form. (not yet clear definition)

Function: int ap_abstract0_hash (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a)
Return an hash value for a. Two abstract values in canonical from (according to ap_abstract0_canonicalize) and considered as equal by the function ap_abstract0_is_eq should be given the same hash value (this implies more or less a canonical form).

Function: void ap_abstract0_approximate (ap_manager_t* man, ap_abstract0_t* a, int algorithm)
Perform some transformation on a, guided by the field algorithm.

The transformation may lose information. The argument algorithm overrides the field algorithm of the structure of type ap_funopt_t associated to ap_abstract0_approximate.

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