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Arrays of generators of level 0

Arrays are accessed directly, for example by writing array->p[i] (of type ap_generator0_t), array->p[i].gentyp and array->p[i].linexpr0.

One can assign a generator to the index index by writing: array->p[index] = ap_generator0_make(gentyp,expr).

Function: ap_generator0_array_t ap_generator0_array_make (size_t size)
Allocate an array of size generators. The generators are initialized with NULL pointers for underlying expressions.

Function: void ap_generator0_array_clear (ap_generator0_array_t* array)
Clear the generators of the array, and then the array itself.

Function: void ap_generator0_array_fprint (FILE* stream, gent ap_generator0_array_t* array, char** name_of_dim)
Print the array on the stream.

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