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Change of dimensions and permutations of linear constraints of level 0

Function: void ap_lincons0_add_dimensions_with (ap_lincons0_t* cons, ap_dimchange_t* dimchange)
Function: ap_lincons0_t ap_lincons0_add_dimensions (ap_lincons0_t* cons, ap_dimchange_t* dimchange)
These two functions add dimensions to the constraint, following the semantics of dimchange (see the type definition of ap_dimchange_t).

Function: void ap_lincons0_permute_dimensions_with (ap_lincons0_t* cons, ap_dimperm_t* perm)
Function: ap_lincons0_t ap_lincons0_permute_dimensions (ap_lincons0_t* cons, ap_dimperm_t* perm)
These two functions apply the given permutation to the dimensions of cons.

Function: void ap_lincons0_array_add_dimensions_with (ap_lincons0_array_t* cons, ap_dimchange_t* dimchange)
Function: ap_lincons0_array_t ap_lincons0_array_add_dimensions (ap_lincons0_array_t* cons, ap_dimchange_t* dimchange)
Function: void ap_lincons0_array_permute_dimensions_with (ap_lincons0_array_t* cons, ap_dimperm_t* perm)
Function: ap_lincons0_array_t ap_lincons0_array_permute_dimensions (ap_lincons0_array_t* cons, ap_dimperm_t* perm)
Extension to arrays of the corresponding functions on constraints.

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