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Manipulating permutations of dimensions

Function: void ap_dimperm_init (ap_dimperm_t* perm, size_t size)
Function: void ap_dimperm_clear (ap_dimperm_t* perm)
Initialize and clear a dimperm structure.

Function: ap_dimperm_t* ap_dimperm_alloc (size_t size)
Function: void ap_dimperm_free (ap_dimperm_t* perm)
Allocate and free a dimperm structure.

Function: void ap_dimperm_fprint (FILE* stream, ap_dimperm_t* perm)
Print the permutation.

Function: void ap_dimperm_set_id (ap_dimperm_t* perm)
Fill the already allocated perm with the identity permutation.

Function: void ap_dimperm_compose (ap_dimperm_t* perm, ap_dimperm_t* perm1, ap_dimperm_t* perm2)
Compose the 2 permutations perm1 and perm2 (in this order) and store the result the already allocated perm. The sizes of permutations are supposed to be equal. At exit, we have perm.dim[i] = perm2.dim[perm1.dim[i]].

Function: void ap_dimperm_invert (ap_dimperm_t* nperm, ap_dimperm_t* perm)
Invert the permutation perm and store it in the already allocated nperm. The sizes of permutations are supposed to be equal.

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