Numerical Program Analysis

This projects belongs to the ACI "Sécurité & Informatique"

APRON Plenary Meeting

École des mines de Paris, Paris, Sept. 20, 2005

Attendance: Michelle Basseville (IRISA), Guillaume Capron (X), Patrick Cousot (ENS), Radhia Cousot (CNRS), Jérôme Feret (ENS), Laure Gonnord (VERIMAG/CNRS) Nicolas Halbwachs (VERIMAG/CNRS), François Irigoin (CRI/EMP), Bertrand Jeannet (IRISA), Antoine Miné (ENS), Mathias Péron (VERIMAG/CNRS), Élodie-Jane Sims (X)

Excused: Corinne Ancourt (CRI/EMP), Duong Nguyen (CRI/EMP), Sebastian Pop (CRI/EMP), Xavier Rival

After a brief presentation of the project goals to Michelle Basseville who joined the project teams for evaluation purposes, six talks were given by members of all participating teams during the day. The titles of these talks are very similar to last year titles, but the content is very different. The list of common cases defined last year to evaluate widening and acceleration techniques includes the CH78 and the car and the gas burner cases contributed by Verimag, the deglitcher/debouncer and the raising edge detectiom cases contributed by École polytechnique.